Anteriores is the leading comprehensive collection of natural tooth shapes in dental technology and dentstry.

It is widely used in a wide range of products and services.

Anteriores Books

This is a book about beauty – more specifically, the beauty of teeth. Dr Jan Hajtó approaches this subject from different angles and explains that the practice of dentistry and dental technology means far more than pandering to cosmetic frivolities or the vanity of the patient.


Interview of Dr Jan Hajtó on the  Anteriores books.


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Anteriores Templates Contour Library

Use line art templates from the cases of beautiful natural teeth presented in the book “Anteriores – Picture Gallery” by Dr. Jan Hajtó (Teamwork Media 2006) for your presentations.

The templates with the outlines can be used for the digital design of new smiles. Available in Apple Keynote 5, Keynote 6 and Microsoft PowerPoint formats for easy integration in your workflow.

Anteriores Templates Contour Library

Anteriores Templates 3D Library

This Package contains 3D Files (binary STL format and EXOCAD format) of a selection from the natural Anteriores Teeth collection:

  • 10 Female shapes:  F1, F2, F6, F8, F12, F14, F16, F19, F23, F31
  • 4 Male shapes: M2, M5, M7, M9
  • 2 Lower shapes:  U1 F13, U2 F32
Anteriores 3D Library

Anteriores Images

High resolution image library of all images of the Anteriores books.

Anteriores Image Library

Anteriores Shapes in NemoSmile Design Software

Nemotec offers one of the leading dental smile design software package in the market. Full Anatomical Crowns and Bridges currently  include these 14 shapes from the Anteriores collection: F1, F2, F3, F6, F8, F12, F14, F16, F19, F23, F31, M2, M5, M7.


Anteriores Model Set

These are high quality polyurethane Models of the original cases presented in the anteriores picture atlas (the black book). All 42 upper models and 5 of the lower models are included. All models are hand made and cast from the master models. The models can be used to study and practice tooth morphology, as templates for manual copying or to fabricate wax or composite preforms with the help of a silicone matrix. Also ideal for patient communication.

Anteriores Model Set

DSD Skin Set

This is a selection from the complete anteriores set. The shapes were selected by Master Paulo Kano, inventor of the SKIN concept, as best suited for the SKIN protocol (former SKYN).
The models are used to fabricate ultra thin composite shells which then are used for set-ups on models  or mock ups in the mouth.
The shapes correspond to these anteriores shapes:
F1, F2, F6, F7, F8, F31, F11, F17, F26, M5, M6, M7.

DSD Skin Set

Anteriores Books & Models Set

Finest dental is a specialty dealer with a range of very interesting products who also distributes anteriores products.

Anteriores Shapes in Exocad Software

Exocad is a widely used dental CAD software. The ZRS Tooth library add on by Manfred Wiedmann contains all 42 Anteriores upper shapes.

Anteriores Shapes in 3shape Software

3shape offers one of the leading dental CAD software packages. Full Anatomical Crowns and Bridges currently  include these 8 shapes from the Anteriores collection: F7, F11, F17, F26, F31, M5, M6, M7.

Anteriores Shapes in Smile Designer Pro Software

Smile designer Pro is one of the leading smile designs programs. It currently includes these 6 anteriores outlines: F1, F2, F7, F15, M5, M8. More to come.

Anteriores shapes for the Uveneer System®

Soon to come: translucent Uveneer direct composite shaping templantes based on these 6 Anteriores shapes: F1, F2, F3, F8, F12, M9.

Digital Smile Design App

DSDApp’s Artificial Intelligence enables a Smile Design done for you on your iPhone!

If you are interested in licensing anteriores shapes for your products you can contact Dr. Jan Hajtó directly: